How it Works 


Step 1:   If you would like to speak with me about setting up a writing project, then you should contact me through the Contact Me page. 


Step 2:   When I receive your message, I will respond to you and we can discuss the details of the project. Once I receive the details, I will give you a quote for the work. 


Step 3:   After a price is agreed on and the decision is made to move forward with the project, I will then complete the work for you. Then I will submit the work to you and you will pay me either through PayPal or through a check. 



Topics I Write On: 

- Cryptocurrencies          - Marketing                  - Business 

- Insurance                        - Law                             - Global Trade 

- Clean Energy                 - Software                     - News 

- Entertainment                - HR                               - Finance 

- Education                      - Psychology                 - Investing

.... and many others. I am open to writing about nearly any topic. 

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